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A god of gaming kicked out of is seat and reduced to a night manager at an internet cafe.

Chinese anime usually compared to Sao but done well. It follows a game called Glory a fighting game which offers quests, area bosses, hidden bosses but most prevalent is the pvp aspect which has a cult following. Ye Xiu is one of the best players of Glory is forced to retire, he wanders into an internet cafe on the eve of the tenth servers release. Ye Xiu dive’s into the tenth server and soon makes starts to claim the first kill on many floor bosses . This creates waves with the major guilds all trying to deduce who his identity is. During his adventures he encounters an eccentric bunch whom he precedes to take under his wing. With Season two releasesing july 2019 now is a great time to check it out if you haven’t already. Unfortunately its been taken down on YouTube

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